The folks worried about who can shut down roads, and who has a bigger pecker than the other guy, all need to chill. That goes for PD and FD alike. Having done both jobs, I can tell you that whether I liked it or not, if the FD parked the engine across a roadway, there wasnt alot I could do as a LEO. With that said, who cares? It means I didnt have to stand there and flap my arms at passing cars.

On the other side, now that I'm a FF, can I **** on a cops boots and play "I'm in charge, neener neener neener?" Sure. But next time all the whackers are speeding around town when a tone dumps, should we expect the normally friendly cop (whos boots we ****ed on) to ignore FF's erratic driving heading to the station? Or, next time FF John Doe is on his way home from the local watering hole, should he pray for some professional courtesy if he gets stopped? The fact is, we are all supposed to be on the same team. Everyone play nice and there will be fewer problems, and things flow nicely.