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    RT ...

    I think that a lot of departments that still use 3" would like to use 4" or 5", but it's a matter of money. To replace 3" on a truck and add the needed valves and adapters is a pretty significant investment, which a lot of departments simply cannot afford. My guess would be in the area of at least $15,000-20,000 per truck for a 600-700' bed.

    Also if you look at a lot of the urban departments that still use 3", the lays are relativly short and dual 3" lines can generally supply thier needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtguyfl
    I could never understand this procedure.It takes to much time and manpower to lay two 3 inch lines.
    How is that? Laying 2 lines doesn't take any more manpower and might take maybe an extra 30 seconds to get he second line charged, even when you combine the hook up time on both ends.

    Just for the record I am speaking of laying 2 lines. Do you mean sculling 2 lines by hand from one stationary pumper to another?
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    My company has the 2nd engine in to lay reverse to the hydrant. That engine connects to the hydrant with a 5" supply and pump 2 - 3" lines to the 1st engine company.

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