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    Hey guys, Im very new to this site but i know you guys can help me here. My main goal is to become a paramedic firefighter but the competion is so intense these days I just want to know what I can do to get a head start. I have been taking classews for my fire science degree but no one seems to be able to give me a striaght answer. I want to know how I could get my 1 year emt done so I can get into paramedic school, how, where, what can I do to get that done? Any other tips, like training, classes, just anything you can tell me would help


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    well if you are taking the fire science classes thats a good start. Medic certs will most likely take you more than a year to obtain your basic will take you a year and is a good place to start. I don't know where you are but some places depending on the department might want you to have your FF 1&2. To obtain info about medic or basic classes contact your local community college.

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    I have been a firefighter for nine yrs. and I held a EMT-B for eight yrs. and I have found that if you are going for your medic. then you need to have a year under your belt before you get your medic card. the experience you will get in that year will help you with the medic part. I know two people that have just went and got their medic card and about ten that have had a year or two with a basic, then go get their medic card. and the people with the year under there belt saide it was easer with the experience.

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