G'day all from Down Under,
got a question regarding communication centre design. I am working at a combined military/civil airport, and we operate our own version of a 911 call centre, whereby all emergency calls get rung through, all fire alarms on base are received in our watchroom, and on top of all that maintain a watch both visual and audio over aircraft during non ATC hours.

We are needing to design a new layout of desks, computer, phone and radio stations (and accomodate a king single bed), to enable the watchkeeper to have all required tools under his fingertips whilst still having maximum visibility of the airfield (our view of airfield restricted to one window about 20' long).

My question is, has anyone been involved in the design process of a comms centre, if so, what problems did you encounter, and does anyone have any schematics, photos, or back of the napkin designs that they would be interested in sharing? The watchroom itself is about 20' x 20'