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    Default Hose weight

    I am doing a little bit of research on the weight of charged hose lines and need some help figuring.
    How much does a charged 50 foot section of 1-3/4", 2-1/2", 3" weigh?
    What's the formula for figuring?

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    Using the nominial diameter as the inside diameter (e.g. assume the flow x-section of 1 3/4" hose is 1 3/4"), and the unit wieght of water at 62.4 lbs/cubic foot.

    Calulate the flow area of the hose: (PI)x(diameter - in feet)^2.. result in square feet
    Multiply the area by length (50 feet) gives the the volume of water in cubic feet
    Multiply by the unit wieght of water gives pounds per 50' length

    1 3/4" hose = 52 lbs per 50' length
    2 1/2" hose = 106 lbs per 50' length
    3" hose = 153 lbs per 50' length
    4" hose = 272 lbs per 50' length
    5" hose = 425 lbs per 50' length

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    One minor, but significant adjustment to the equation given by MichaelsDad:

    Area = [(PI)x(diameter - in feet)^2]/4 (you must divide by 4)

    Also, I have used the following equation which incorporates all of the factors used by MichaelsDad (BTW, Nice job).

    Weight of water = 0.34 X d^2 X Hose Length

    where "d" is in inches and Hose Length is in feet.

    Of course, you must add the weight of the hose which is manufacturer specific.

    And, if you REALLY REALLY want to be correct, add the weight of water absorbed by the cotton jacket of the hose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireH2O
    And, if you REALLY REALLY want to be correct, add the weight of water absorbed by the cotton jacket of the hose.

    Don't forget to add in the weight of the dirt and mud too!

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    You forgot the couplings!

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    Or you could just put the hose on a scale!!!!

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