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    Default Haul System Storage

    Looking for ideas on how other departments store/package pre-rigged systems?

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    We have a haul safe 4:1 pre rigged. It is storred with the release line wrapped around it to keep it neat and it is in the rope bag with the line. It hasn't been tangled yet.

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    Unless you find yourself using the same system 90% of the time, I discourage teams to pre-rig.

    It not only tends to limit creative solutions to unique scenarios, but if you find yourself needing a different configuration it can take more time to undo what you've got and re-rig.

    I DO, however, encourage pre-packaging, with haul system components in one bag and belay system components in another, with a third for taglines/safety lines, and misc additional hardware in another.

    Each pre-pack should include enough webbing or anchor straps and carabiners, pulleys and prusiks for a moderate range of options.

    Ropes can either be pre-packed along with each system, if standard length ropes fit your response needs, or can be rope-bagged separately with bags marked for length. This way, the equipment can be distributed among the team members as needed for deployment.

    I also discourage the kitchen sink approach - using those large rigging backpacks that no one wants to carry and that contain everything you've got whether it's needed or not on a particular incident.

    Where pre-rigging often makes sense is for commonly-used "mini-rigs" like a small 4:1 jigger with 9mm rope and mini PMPs, which can be used for a team-based or rescuer-based pickoff, for a quick conversion from lower to short raise and back to lower, as a litter scoop or a litter attendant adjustable tether, a pretensioned backtie or a tensioning guyline for an artificial high directional.

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    We carry our haulsafe pre rigged in a seperate bag clearly marked with no problems setting it up.We also have our rope bags marked for there intended use. We have haul bag, and a belay bag packed seperately and clearly marked along with our hardware and software items.

    Do what's right for your Department, just because it works for ours doesn't mean it's good for yours. Work with different scenarios and see what works for your operations. STAY SAFE.

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    Looking for ideas on how other departments store/package pre-rigged systems?

    We utilize Evac bags for our raise/lower & belay systems as well as a pre rigged 4/5 to 1 M.A.P.S. system in a tagged rope bag.

    Bags are visibly distinguishable and are tagged with an identifier tab.
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