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    Default Arkansas Workshop

    Thanks Brian. The workshop in Arkie was very good. I would highly advise departments that are new to the grant writing world get Brian in your State or travel..
    If your not new to it... I would still advise you to go.. We never stop learning...
    Brian is a "Freak"...lol... how does anyones brain hold all that info????

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    Default Arkansas workshop

    i will agree the workshop was great, it was well worth the price to attend and the drive of 170 miles. I would go to it again next time if it is in the area. I bet Brian will have more knowledge crammed in his brain.

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    Thanks for coming out guys. It's nice to put faces with screen names.

    I'm glad y'all picked up a lot of useful information, that was my goal. Now you have to go off and bring home the bacon.

    Maybe next time I come up there my luggage can come with me instead of taking the flight that lands as I'm leaving to drive home.

    - Brian

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