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    Default Bachelor in Social Work Degree? Please offer advice..

    Is a degree in Social Work the same or closely related to Public Administration? Will it benifit be in the fire field? I am not sure if I understand the Social Work concept...here is the URL to anyone that can make sense of this, http://www.utexas.edu/ssw/apss/bsw/

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    1) No - entirely different programs of study (But the skills and knowledge of social work is valuable for understanding many unique aspects of the fire service culture.)

    Social Workers are case workers helping people on a one-to-one basis with various aspects of their life that requires or may benefit from a local government interaction. Addiction, homelessness, child/elder abuse, crime victim advocates, teenaged pregnancy, crime prevention, and psychological crisis intervention are some of the areas. Most larger municipalities require a Master's degree in Social Work.

    2) Depends on the employer

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    It will probably help you understand sitting around the fire house kitchen table.

    Seriously, in addition to what Mike said, any college degree demonstrates maturity and a commitment to hard work. That should be a positive.

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    Default Goal

    One of our sons was a Soc Major. He's now an electrician.

    UC Berkeley did study that found 60% of graduates 2 years later were in fields totally unrelated to their study. Prove they learned how to learn.

    With that being said, is your goal to be a firefighter? If so, could this be your best choice for this career path?

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