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    Default Question about low bid

    We are in the process of obtaining quotes for our fire act grant we received my question is does DHS requrie we go with the lowest bid or can we spend the full amount of our grant? We have 3 quotes for 3 different airpacks 1 is alot less then to other two do we have to go with low bid?


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    No, you do not have to go with low bid. You can create your own metrics for evaluation, such as past performance of the companies, location of service centers, and of course compatibility with currently owned equipment, or even that of the mutual aid departments.

    So if everyone around you is Brand X, then that is a reason you can pick Brand X. Now if you don't care about matching the neighbors, and all 3 meet the current standards, then I'd have all 3 brought in and testing by the FFs. I know if I were facing a complete replacement of something like SCBA I'd like the chance to wear the choices at least once.

    But if low bid meets everything you want in an SCBA, and the others that are more expensive don't have anything extra other than cost, save the bucks and give yourself some excess funds to get more for your money. Remember, computers, projectors and all of those other items are eligible to buy with excess funds under FP. Or extra masks, RIT packs to extend the SCBA project up to $5K. Don't spend it just to spend it.

    - Brian

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    Just remember that you follow this rule in the PG:

    (5) Ensure that all procurement actions are conducted in a manner that provides, to the maximum extent possible, open and free competition. In doing so, you must follow your established procurement processes when purchasing vehicles, equipment, and/or services with the grant funds. If the grantee has no established procedures, you should obtain at least two quotes/bids for the items you are procuring and document in your grant files the process used.

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