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    I am a college student enrolled in a 4-year program for my fire science degree and have been in the fire service for 5 years with my local volunteer department. I have FF-1, EMT-B, and working on my FF-2 and HazMat Tech. Would it be a good idea for me to get my paramedic to have a better chance of getting hired? I only ask because I see that DCFD is now requiring all firefighters to be paramedics. EMS in the fire service is becoming big, so should I stay ahead of the curve and get it or is it not really necessary since I have my EMT-B? Looking for input from anyone here, officer and chief input would be great.
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    I am in emt-i school right now, and we were told that you have to get you "I" first then your medic

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighter3512
    I only ask because I see that DCFD is now requiring all firefighters to be paramedics.
    Kyle, If you are trying to get in with DCFD, then I think you answered your own question. If not them, then check with your local options and find out if they have the same requirements. Also, look at your long term plan and see if it might be possible that you may wind up somewhere else in the world and may need your EMT-P. If you have the time and resources right now, it would defintely make you more marketable. If not for being a medic, you can show proof of drive and ambition that you put yourself through school anyway. Just my opinion. Good luck to you.

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    The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much you like being an EMT-B and how much you enjoy doing EMS work (even the BS part).

    If you can't honestly say that you like that aspect of the job then becoming a Paramedic is probably a bad idea. Since you mentioned the DCFD I'll use them as an example. Since they are in a severe Paramedic shortage you will almost assuredly enter the service on the Box (Bus, Meat Wagon, Taxi, whatever you wish to call it). If you get really lucky (or get blackmail pictures of someone high up) you might be fortunate enough to get on one of the Paramedic engine companies - either way your primary function will be as a Paramedic not a firefighter.

    Bottom line - if you don't already want to be a Medic just for the sake (and love of the work) of being a Medic, then doing it for a career boost is probably a bad idea. You'll end up in an area of the job that you don;t like & increase your burnout rate and will most likely not have a long and happy career.

    All boils down to you & what your gut tells you - not what any of us here think.

    Best of luck to you in what I hope will be a long and happy career.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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