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    Default Good idea? Your opinion welcome

    We were dicussing different product ideas a few weeks ago and someone proposed the following:

    1) Make postage paid colorful postcards with fire safety messages
    2) Take a bunch of these to school visits and have each child fill out their name address and a message like 'Dear Mom and Dad, in school I learned that its important to change the batteries in the smoke detector so we stay safe. The firemen at school told me that they would send this card to remind us that it was time to change the batteries. Lets do it now! - Jimmy'
    3) Collect the postcards into a sealed envelope and hold them securely until the shift to/from daylight savings
    4) Send them out

    Anyone think this would work? Would it do enough good to be worth investing the time? We were thinking we could put postcards for printing on the Probotics Website for free or print them and manage the whole postage/mailing thing for a set fee. The advantages there would be you would be sure that the addresses stayed confidential, the postage would be all pre-printed and the amount would fit into budgets and grant requests.

    What do you think?

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    I think it's a good idea, but i'm only 15. you won't get a professional opinion from me. very thoughtful. i thought about something like a national fire cadet/explorer program and asked about it but no one answered. what do you think? your idea is pretty good. of course the grade level would be low like k-3, right. you didn't specify.

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    Default good idea

    That sounds like a great idea to me. I have been doing our FP&S for a little while now and have been looking for new ideas to get the kids involved (other than our shiny red trucks lol).

    Stay safe

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