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    Default 11,000 homes in Arkansas

    11,000 new homes have been waiting for 6 months to be moved to the gulf area. FEMA red tape has keep these homes from being used.

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    Default Mobile Homes

    It's not totally FEMA red tape. I worked in Florida for FEMA. The issue that nobody wants to discuss is that many communities do not want these mobile homes, nor the occupants. They are using "not in the flood plain" as a reason, when mobile homes originally were placed where they want to put these. I dealt with a lady with four kids who worked very hard to clean her lot off, was in bad need of the trailer, the county reps then came in and said it was a floodplain, the trailer couldn't be placed.

    FEMA is getting all the ink, there is alot of local politics playing games in the southern states.

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