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    Has anyone had any luck getting a quick attack with CAFS. We are looking at going with a F 550 4 door with CAFS. Does anyone have Narritives to share. Please e-mail at for everyone's help. Good luck to everyone.

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    There have been a few, some bordering the brush line, but lots of urban interface and quick attacks have been handed out.

    I've got some sample for different trucks on my web site,, and I can't remember if I have any others people sent me to post but haven't gotten to yet.
    If I find any I'll give you a shout.

    But like any other application make sure you have an objective need for the thing. Vehicles are 1 in 10, equipment 1 in 4 so if you need equipment don't go for the truck unless you have a heck of a case.

    - Brian

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