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    Thumbs up Great Course from Army Folks (HM-CBRNE) - 24-28 Apr 06


    I just wanted to tell everyone about a course that is being presented by the Army. It's called Hospital Management of Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear, and Explosive Incidents Course (HM-CBRNE) it is a five-day fully accredited course. It is definitely worth checking out. Course topics include chemical agents, triage, casualty-assessment exercises, personal protective equipment, decontamination, field training exercises, radiation, biological agents, epidemiology, hospital emergency management, and incident-command scenario-based hospital emergency management exercises. If you are at all involved in emergency preparedness, it is worth checking out. We also have a great website with a lot of useful info on chemical defense: https://ccc.apgea.army.mil/. Hope you check us out.

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    Talking Hm-cbrne

    I attended this course last year. It was a very informative class, taught by very knowledgable people. We had a wide variety of people in my class from medics to doctors, military and civilian. I would recommend this class for interested in WMD.

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