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    Ok yall its my turn to do the weight loss. i know i cant do it all myself so i am using a little help. I have ditched anything to drink but water. i drink about a gallon and a half of water a day. I have reduced the ammount of foods i take in, but i still eat 5 times a day.
    im 6'1" 255 lbs today. im sick and tired of being overweight. Im psyched this time to do it, i want the healthyness i want to be fit again. Im not looking to get down but 50lbs thats all. so i hope a bunch of hard work and watching my eating will pay off.

    heres where i brought in the help, i take stacker 2 twice a day and have a whey protien shake for breakfast. The doc recommended the whey protien. but i am trying out the stacker 2.

    Wish me luck look for my updates.

    Perhaps within this forum topic we can have weight a weight loss story section where people canpost their endeavors into weight loss. i really need all the help i can get. Thanks guys and gals
    -Eric Valli
    Better Live for something, Or you will Die for Nothing.

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    Default weight watcher

    Keep it up and good luck. Add at least two to three apples a day from morning up to early afternoon to your diet. Nothing like keeping the pipes cleared out to make you feel good. I have gone from 6' 3" 240lbs to 215 in three months. The weight loss has slowed because I am now adding muscle.Only 15 more pounds to my goal.

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    Best of luck on your journey to health. I don't like taking any supplements like stacker. But thats mostly because I am already pretty hyper, took stacker once and had everyone around me threaten me with 5 point leathers. But I know lots of people who have used them without any trouble. The biggest thing and also one of the things that WeightWatchers likes to do is eating lots of small meals. That way your body knows it has constant fuel and keeps burning all throughout the day. If you eat 3 big meals your body will burn for a while, then go into storage mode. I also don't feel like I am starving myself if I am always snacking on something healthy every couple of hours. Once again I hope that you achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

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