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    Default Where should we Start?

    We've just started a new rural VFD. We have two older pumpers(72 & 80 models). I definately want to write for PPE, since we have none. Does a startup department have a chance at getting any assistance?


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    I replied in that one and I needed to re-read it myself. And I'd say the same thing again here. 503c, providing fire protection, and those are the two big-uns.

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    Welcome to the grants ballgame guy. If you need help this is where to find it. You will find a lot of help in here and through many of us in "off line" status ( check our profiles to contact us there). If you need to have some converstaions about where to head your directions give me a holler.
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    Thanks for the help. I'm sure we'll be asking more questions soon.

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