Hello all! I am not sure if this is the proper forum to ask this question, but I'll give it a shot:

Our local E911 center is undergoing a major upgrade, and a question was brought up regarding dispatch procedure changes. Currently, we use a "station based" dispatch method, which in my opinion, has worked well for our area for decades and with some minor tweaking, would serve us for many more years. The possibility of going to a "unit based" dispaatch has been kicked around, but since most of us don't fully understand how that would work, we are a little leary of it. Also, there are so many different variations being thrown on the table that it has totally confused the whole issue. Could someone fill me in on this type of dispatch, how it is supposed to work, how it actually works, the good and the bad. If anyone is interested, I'll be glad to provide more details as to our county's existing demagraphics and current dispatch methods and protocals.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.
Be safe!