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    Default Seaport management rights given to Arab country by our Government

    Ok all, this item was in the Northeast Intelligence Network News website.
    I would like all of my brother and sister firefighters to contact their Congressional representatives and ask how this can happan. With all the millions we are spending on Homeland Security, how can we let a country that supports and recognizes the Taliban, and tacitly supports terrorism manage our major seaports.
    We must not let this happan.

    Plan to Sell US Ports to Dubai (U.A.E.) Interests Under Protest
    Date 2006/2/17 11:37:59 | Topic: Top Stories: US

    * 17 February, 2006: When the United States was attacked on 9/11 2001, the majority of funding for that terrorist operation came from banks located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    In exposing what is being called a "secretive deal", the White House is under fire for approving a $6.8 billion transaction that gives Dubai Ports World, of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), majority control over operations at six major U.S. ports. The Treasury Department's Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States ultimately approved the sale, stating that all sitting members found no problems with the sale, even after reviewing information from U.S. intelligence agencies.
    The sale itself was pending between Dubai Ports World (UAE), and the Peninsula and Oriental Navigation Company of London (UK), and the completion of this transaction would cause the UAE-controlled company to rank third-largest of world marine terminal operators.

    Congress is calling this big-business deal into question, and is pushing for hearings on this matter. Similarly, Congress was previously able to halt business transactions in the 1990s which would have given the Communist Chinese control of Port Long Beach (CA).

    The idea that a single U.S. port of call would be controlled by a country which harbors support for the very enemies who wish to destroy us is, at best, unwise. To have this situation repeated in Baltimore, Miami, New Jersey, New York, New Orleans, and Philadelphia is nothing short of unfathomable.

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    I tried to start a post on this in the Firefighters Forum. Maybe this would have been a more appropriate location. So far no takers.


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    I have yet to see where the sale would have any impact on port security, Everyone in the business of "Port Management" welcomes the sale and sees no problem. As for security that falls under the US Coast Guard and US Customs department. I have been watching this and seeking info since I live only 6 miles from Phila, PA port and New York and Northern New Jersey ports are to the north of me and within my response area. Yes I feel there should be more asked of this company and the said comany has stepped back to allow this, but the sale will not affect security in one bit.

    UPDATE.... this does not affect 6 ports this affects 21 ports, but from the info I have found the sale is on paper only not a wholesale replacement of the personnal running the day to day operations of the ports. It will be almost the same people that are there now..Dam from what I have found out the COO of the company is an American businessman and the Senior VP is Michael Moore (not to be confused with the other MUTT by the same name) who is an American also and will running the show for DPW in the USA.
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