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    Cool Musings ("MOO"sings )of a twisted mind

    While reading through these forums at home last night, we were alerted for a "Public Service Call-Property Damage Accident", with instructions to contact dispatch before responding. I live 1.5 miles from the firehouse, so usually by the time I arrive at the station, the first engine is leaving the apron. When I arrived, the engine was still in the station, Crew was getting geared up and on the engine, and their seemed to be a degree of levity not normally seen at this point of a call. (Should have been my first clue)

    Anyway, we get on the engine, myself in the officers seat, and we contact dispatch via cell phone as we are leaving the apron. We get the dispatcher, laughing to the point of tears. She states that she has reports of 75-80 cows loose and in the roadway. I laugh and acknowledge the call, mark responding and proceed. In addition to monitoring the radio, I start to realize that although I live in a rural area, and grew up in a small town, I have absolutely no clue how to coax a cow back inside the fence, let alone 75-80 of them. "Curley" from the movie "City Slickers" came to mind. The crew is quite animated, and I start to hear the puns, jokes and comments that you would expect in this situation. I attempt to caution the guys about being careful, But all I can think of is "Watch where you step".

    I begin to contemplate the radio traffic that this call will generate. The arrival report could be a classic. There will be one chance to get it right. I know that this may be a call that I will be known for for the rest of my life. Scanners are commonplace in this area, and if you say something remotely funny on the radio, you live with it for a very long time.

    In addition, the twisted portion of my mind begins to replay every milk commercial, beef commercial, and fast food chain advertisement I have seen in my 43 years. The possibilities are endless.

    We were cancelled enroute about 1/2 mile away from the scene, and we returned at that time. I still don't know what the report would have been, and that is probably a good thing. I was relieved, yet slightly disappointed that I did not have to make what could have been a classic arrival report, I suspect references to cows will be made for a while, and I'm ok with that. I believe that the farmer was able to get the cows back inside the fence by himself. But I'm not sure, maybe the cowboys from Kentland smoked me in my first due

    Just another "Bull$hit Call"


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    Engine __ arrival. Got beef.

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    I'm reminded of those country lyrics:

    "There's a cow in the road
    swerve to the left
    fate skips a beat
    and scares you to death
    and laugh until you cry..."

    No seriously, a few months ago I almost hit a cow in the road comming home from school for the weekend. I've hit several deer and the thought of hitting a cow scares the crap outta me.
    Just know, I chose my own fate. I drove by the fork in the road and went straight.

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    By the way KEEPBACK200FEET, you're so dramatic!

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