Kentucky Firefighters Assist the Midwest

WINCHESTER, January 10, 2006 The fires occurring in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas are closer to Kentucky than you might think. More than 40 firefighting personnel from Kentucky state and federal agencies are on detail in these drought-stricken areas. The Kentucky Interagency Coordination Center on the Daniel Boone National Forest in Winchester, Kentucky continues to mobilize individuals for fire duty. The interagency crew members have been dispatched to aid in the ongoing firefighting efforts. Resource orders for more personnel and equipment are expected to continue each day. Employees will serve a minimum term of 14 days.

Under the Incident Command System, Kentucky firefighters have been assigned to various command teams established to support the firefighting efforts. The teams are operating under a unified command to manage existing fires and initial attack operations. They are supporting local jurisdictions that request wildfire suppression assistance. Numerous residences and other property structures have been destroyed by the fires.

A 20-person crew from the Pine Knot Job Corp, including one firefighter and one law enforcement officer from the Daniel Boone National Forest, has been dispatched to Arkansas. Five Forest Service employees from the Daniel Boone and Land Between the Lakes have been assigned to fires in Oklahoma. In Texas, two team members and 14 miscellaneous overhead personnel from various agencies are on fire assignment.