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    Default Warmer gloves?

    Our department furnishing your basic leather glove nothing fancy meets the requirements. Cold as Hell I have tried wearing liners or other types of gloves underneath well then you can't hang onto anything. Any good glove reccomendations for cold weather tht don't cost a crazy amount of cash and meets the NFPA standards.

    We had 19 bellow this morning with a windshield of minus 40!!

    Freeeeezin in Wisconsin

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    Simple reason for fire gloves getting cold - Its that damn moisture barrier! It prevents moisture from getting in and out hence your paws get cold! Doesnt matter what you wear. About the only thing I can recommend is a packet of hot shots! Keep your hands warm for a while.
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    We had 19 bellow this morning with a windshield of minus 40!!
    I hope your defroster works!

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    Currently a balmy 14 degrees F with a windchill of -5 here

    My gloves are the Firefighter+ model off of this site (scroll to the bottom).

    We have very rough winters and these gloves are very comfortable in the cold climate. They allow for good dexterity which is also essential. I bought them at the NYSAFC show a couple of years ago (I want to say $25 but my memory is fading ). Good luck and stay safe out there.

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    Check out the other post about structural firefighting/extrication gloves.They are very warm.Email me and I can give you some info on them.

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    I keep a pair of wool mittens in the engine this time of year. Everybody around here used to have a pair, but I haven't seen them at the FF supply stores for a while. I looked at the ones I have, but the label's torn off--anybody know who made/makes them?

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