I haven't seen a thread yet on this yet so I figured I would start one. I am proud to say that I am going bald this year from the cause. This is my first year of many to participate. Myself and a few others are Team Capital Area FOOLS. So if you would like to donate or if you want to get shaved you can go to Stbaldricks.org. I am not too proud to accept your donations. You can do a search and find my page. By the way my name is Mike Bishop.
For those of you that don't know what this is, it is where people get sponsered to shave their heads bald. All of the money raised go to help families of children with cancer, and it is used to help find a cure. I am sure there are dozens on this website that are going bald this year. So with that in mind I am starting a survey. Who is going bald, what is your team name, and where and when is your event.

Mike Bishop
Capital Area FOOLS
Napper Tandys
3-23 at 6pm