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    Cool Any Tips?

    Hi Everybody, I'm New Here And A Late Comer To The Fire Service. I Am 29 And Just Decided This Is What I Really Want To Do. I Have My Emt-b But Not My Paramedic. Any Tips On Getting In To A Firehouse Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Let Me Know Where You Are From When You Reply. Thanks

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    First , Hi. second, are you looking for just EMS or both FF and EMS? most Fire department want you to be FF1 and EMT-B. even the vol. departments want you to go both ways so you are worth more to them. if you are just looking for EMS go private. you starte with you basic card and you drive. then if you want you go up to medic.if you want to go full time then most full time departments will send you throu an acadimy.

    what state are you from?
    I am from Wauseon,Ohio(North west Ohio-about 30miles west of Toledo) I am a vol. paid per run department. been doing it for nine years. I started for a streight vol. department. we got a $1.00 a year. now I am with a vol. departemnt that is paid per run. and the other departments in the county are also.

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