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    Default Clock hours v. Objectives met

    Has anyone done any research on, or have any information on using completion of objectives for training documentation rather than just completing the traditional clock hours for training?

    I know most departments probably don't spend the true clock hours on training if most students are just reviewing required yearly training. They would have no problem completing the objectives, but we still document the clock hours (example: BLS).

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    Default training chief

    here in Texas we have certian criteria to meet in different areas and then we have recommended hours to achive the goals set out in the criteria. If you can cover the goals and the firefighter can prove competent either through a short written test or a short skills test then you can flag the hours at the recommended level no matter how short of time it realy took. Both the career and volunteer certification boards are ok with this. The key is the testing. you have to do something and document it.

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    Much of the time drill ends when the objectives are met. Who hasn't been to a class that should have gone to 5 and your out by 4. It happens.
    In education repitition is the key to learning many skills. If it is ropes and knots a guy may be able to tie it once or twice and by tomorrow he can't do it. Many physical tasks and any math related stuff needs practice. Our job is no different then a sports team, you may know how to play but practice will make you great.
    Use the aloted time to practice till the firefighter doesn't have to think and is 100%

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