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    Default Some help with history

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a history buff that just started volunteering 6 months ago. I'm loving every second of it, and have found myself plunging into the history of fire departments, stations, and such. (enough that my station captain has started asking me for history lessons)..well, the crew stumped me last week while I was looking over some of the collectables they keep on the bookshelf.

    On it, they have a replica of ladder 120 in FDNY (On Watkins street in Brooklyn I believe)...I went to the library..nothing. I went to google..just some pictures of the truck.

    Can someone can tell me the history of the texas longhorns on the roofline of the cab? They're cool indeed..but why are they there? Also, is the superman emblem on the ladder for the obvious reasons of the comic/movie being based in a fictional NY, or some other reason?


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    Very interesting. Check the history of its first due district. Could be there was a meat packing plant or a " stock yard". Or it could be something totally different.
    Superman might be just what they decided to use. never know. I know all the rigs in the FDNY has some kind of mascot,or thing that relates to them.
    Keep up the history Matt. Looking into the past is very interesting. I have done the same such thing with our department found some really cool stuff.
    Hope this helps and if all else fails, cheat! Write to the company involved and see if they can tell you.

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