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    Default Seagrave Problems

    I work in NYC in the Bronx and was wondering if any other depts out there use segrave engines and were having as many problems with them as we are. There have been numerous instances of rigs going outof pumps or losing pressure at a job. One theory put forth at the kitchen table is these new fangled electronic flowmeters.

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    A flowmeter should have nothing to do with going in and out of pump or pressure loss. A electronic engine governor could have something to do with it as that interfaces with the pump and the engine controls. I was driving a new engine for a dealer not to long ago and they thing went whacky several times. Seems the electronics in the governor wanted to talk to the engnie as though it was in pump gear when it wasn't. So the truck wouldn't move because it was being told the pump was in gear when it wasn't. Strictly an electronic failure, not mechanical.

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    We have a Seagrave and have had problems with the electrical system. We've toasted 2 radios in it. Another company had a battery in their's explode the other day. But so far no problems on the pump end.

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    We have a 2001 Seagrave that was on the assembly line on 9-11-01. It was pushed through in order to get the FDNY order started. I have been very impressed with the quality to this point but we don't run a ton of calls.

    What we did have a problem with was our own FD jack*****es (one was a chief) who would tinker with stuff, put screws where they didn't belong, etc. As a result, we've had some electrical issues that I blame mostly on that. We also fried a Federal Q shortly after delivery because it was frozen due to ice and the driver had their foot on the pedal. I'm sure that also wasn't good for the electrical system because the dash lights and speedometer went crazy when it happened.

    We had a problem with the manual override pull handle on the pump panel. It got stuck in the extended position due to road crud and it wouldn't let us take the vehicle out of pump. Luckily it happened during a drill. We had it disconnected and there haven't been any major issues with the pump since then. We have a 1500GPM Hale Side Mount Pump (no frills). FDNY uses Waterous Pumps I believe so I'm afraid that you might face other issues that I am not familiar with.

    With the beating that FDNY puts on their vehicles due to the high use, I think you will hard pressed to find the "perfect" engine. There's a lot of junk out there. Good luck.

    Never Forget 9-11-2001

    Stay safe out there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JELenhardt
    We have a Seagrave and have had problems with the electrical system. We've toasted 2 radios in it. Another company had a battery in their's explode the other day. But so far no problems on the pump end.
    What kind of radios? Where are the radios pulling their power from? What kind of alternator? What size? How many batteries? What rating are the batteries?


    Edited to add: Does it have one or two alternators? I have seen TONS of radio problems with dual alternators on Pierces with Detroit engines lately...

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