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    Default Fire Dept. information worksheets

    Below is a worksheet to help you keep track of fire exams being given across the country. Please feel free to make a copy of this for your upcoming exams.
    Don't forget to subscribe to firehouse.com's entry level exam service !!!

    Fire department________________________________________ __________________________________
    Address___________________________________________ _____________________________________
    City, state, zip_______________________________________________ ____________________________
    Phone #____________________________________ Fax #_____________________________________
    Email_____________________________________________ _____________________________________
    Department size______________________________________________ ____________________________
    Minimum/maximum age __________________________________________________ _________________
    Last test date______________________________________________ _______________________________
    How often are tests given_____________________________________________ ______________________
    Next test date______________________________________________ ______________________________
    Anticipated openings__________________________________________ ____________________________
    Salary range_____________________________________________ ________________________________

    0 Residency required
    0 Residency extra credit
    0 EMT certification required
    0 EMT certification extra credit
    0 Paramedic certification required
    0 Paramedic certification extra credit
    0 Military experience required

    0 Military experience extra credit
    0 Associates degree required
    0 Associates degree extra credit
    0 Bachelors degree required
    0 Bachelors degree extra credit
    0 State Firefighters Certification required
    0 State Firefighters Certification
    extra credit

    Examination will be given by:
    0 Test consultant (name)____________________________________________ _____________
    0 Civil Service Commission
    Study guide available? 0 Yes 0 No
    Application period____________________________________________ ____________________________
    Address where applications are available_________________________________________ _____________
    Test date______________________________________________ __________________________________
    Written exam score_____________________________ Oral exam score_____________________________
    Physical agility score____________OR Pass______ Fail______ Final score and ranking_______________
    Testing subjects:

    0 Reading
    0 Human Relations
    0 Problem Solving
    0 Judgment
    0 Math
    0 Memory
    0 Charts
    0 Inductive Reasoning
    0 Deductive Reasoning
    0 Visualization
    0 Verbal & Listening
    0 Spelling
    0 Verbal Reasoning
    0 Oral & Written
    0 Information Ordering
    0 Spatial Orientation

    Brent Collins is an Assistant Fire Chief with the Cleveland Fire Department and President of Don McNea Fire School. Go to www.fireprep.com for more information on test taking strategy,advice and career newsletters.

    You can find more on testing secrets by Chief Collins in the Career Article section from the Jobs drop down menu just above this posting.

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