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    Default brotherhood vs politics

    .\As most of you know I am an officer with a volunteer fire dept. here in fl, but I come from an paid/paid on call and combination company in NY and CT and what I want to know is this: lets say your dept is one of 10 in a county set up and the only funding you get is from the county , not the city or town or demographic your located in, should that city , town or demographic area be one to set your limits on your responding to calls with lights and sirens at night , or to who may or may not use your station for what ever ? Or should that not come from your station and the county who funds you. Also, shouldn't said station be getting a small budget from that city (in my area) to supplement our needs for things like hose, EMS supplies (which come out of our pockets and boot drives, not covered under our county fire budget) maybe help getting our boat up to speed to be able to get it ready for service seeing we serve an area at the mouth of two major rivers and the opening to the ocean with the closet Coast Guard over 4 hours away. Any input would be great. Thanks
    Frank Perna
    Wakulla County Fire Rescue
    Station 3
    City of St. Marks, FL

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    If you'll check your Florida Statutes/Code, you might find that your fire vehicles are only considered to be "Emergency Vehicles" while actually responding to a call WITH LIGHTS AND AUDIBLE WARNING DEVICES TURNED ON.

    If this is the case, then there's nothing the "locals" can say about running your lights and sirens.

    Your State Fire Coordinator will be able to help you out as well. He's only phone call away.

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    I feel fo ryou Frank. My parents live in Panacea. I am a full time and volunteer in SC. I agree that in your case something should be done. Wakulla County Commissioners need to "step" up to the plate and do you folks right. In my honest opinion they are pacifying your system by throwing bones to you.


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    Default I understand!

    I am a first responder, and my husband is a firefighter at station 4 (Shell Point). They are completely redo'ing the beach, have no plans for a life guard, and are doing the big "Beach Promo" to help get more people down here. Yet they have not given one thought to the safety of those people at the beach.

    Granted we still don't get many calls, station 8 has several every day, and are all volunteers. And now a new wal-mart going up? They need to hire at least a few full time firefighters for up in Crawfordville and go by the same guidelines as Tallahassee does (have your EMT certification, preferably paramedic) because not only is our FD lacking severely, but so is our EMS!

    It's going to take one big Fire at a place like Walmart/Winn Dixie/Walgreens before they take any action.

    Good luck Station 3, my husband and I feel for you guys out there as well!

    Jessica Crow
    ABVFD (Station 4)

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