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    Default Custom Cab 4x4 Chassis

    Looking for feedback on custom cab 4x4 chassis (HME, Spartan, Pierce, E-one etc.) Preferrably low profile or something thats 10 feet or under in height. I am curious to hear of driving expierences, maintenance issues (or lack thereof), reliability, etc.

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    Default The only one around here.

    Try to make contact through www.broomallfirecompany.com , their Engine 53-2 is a '03 HME 4x4. They are a real class outfit and should be able to give you some feedback.

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    Default Custom 4x4 Chassis

    Check out Spartan's website for their Advantage 4x4 Low Profile. It doesn't look much different than a 2WD and easier to get in/out of than many of the other Custom 4x4 chassis's and up to 400 HP with Cat or Cummins.

    They can also do their Gladiator version but it's a bit higher in height and but still doesn't have the large front wheelwell opening that some of the other chassis builders offer.

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    Spartan's Low-Pro 4X4 Advantge is only a couple inches higher than the two wheel drive. They're a very nice chassis and definately worth looking into.

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