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    Default Slower pace for FPS awards

    Comparing the first 4 rounds of 2004 and 2005:
    Last year had a combined 208 grants for $16.5 million.
    This year we've seen 97 grants for $5.9 million.
    2004 had 6 max awards of $750,000 in the first 4 rounds. None this year.

    The good news for those of us still waiting is that there's still $26.6 million left to be awarded this year. The bad news is that our partners are looking to make other plans if we don't get funded soon for our firefighter safety project. We had set our timetable based upon the planned December '06 announcements.

    vfd cap'n

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    Yep. But this year the maximum award went up to $1 million, so count on at least a few of those going out to the usual national organizations. Still a lot of dough out there even with those waiting to be dropped on us.

    Hang in there, and good luck. - Brian

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