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    So you're saying if they get a different brand of leathers than that will solve the problem?

    Well, it could make it worse

    I'm no real sole expert...I just know they make a difference, and I have a pair of very nice hiking boots that absolutely amaze me (I put my foot down on wet rocks or whatever and it just stays there, period, no questions asked) and that all has to do with the sole.

    There is a whole bunch of options, usually the shoe companies only offer a few they've selected:


    I'm sure guys up in your area know what they like for work boots or hunting boots or whatever that work well in your area, I'd look for something with similiar soles in their material & look.

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    Default Leather vs. Rubber

    Leather, Leather, LEATHER!!!
    I wish we would have gone to leather 20 years ago.
    they are warm, comfortable and they hold up better.
    I'm sure it doesn't really matter what brand etc..
    they are well worth the money.

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