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    Question Where do I find current equipment regulations and standards?

    I am trying to find out what the current regulations and standards are on firefighting equipment(tanks, packs, scba's...), like NFPA, OSHA, DOT, State and Local. Anyone have any ideas on where I can find this info, in plain english? (I found the NFPA standards, but it's like they were written for the people who actually do the testing. I couldn't make any sense out of it.) And are the regulations and standards just recomendations, or is it supposed to be required?
    We are going to be applying for a AFG to buy new tanks and possibly scba's, so i want to see if the ones we have are all up to date.

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    I have yet to find the edition of "NFPA Standards for Dummies". Unfortunately, the standards do not read like a good novel, but they can put you to sleep if you have insomnia.

    NFPA standards are known as consensus standards. If the community adpots them then they are required to adhere to them. They are recommendations, but if you end up in court they will be thrown at you, if you did not abide by them.

    OSHA and DOT consist of federal laws and regulations (not all states are OSHA states).

    What it boils down to, if you are applying to the AFG you need to adhere to them all.

    Another thing to remember is, that just because your current SCBA does not meet the current standards (NFPA 1981 2002 edition) it does not mean they are not compliant. They only needed to be compliant at the date of purchase.

    By looking at the back plate of the SCBA you should find a label that will state what edition (NFPA 1981 XXXX edition) the SCBA was manufactured to. As for the cylinders near the DOT label should be a date of manufacture (X/XX). Cylinders have a 15 year life.

    What type of SCBA do you use?

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    If you search magazine web site articles for NFPA or OSHA, you will find past articles written about the standards. You won't get the actual standards without dropping a few bucks at NFPA.org buying their materials. OSHA just requires a little digging, as do DOT, state & local. Odds are the state and local were adopted from a national standard so unless you know your state is more strict than usual, no need to dig as much there other than knowing they recognize the national standards.

    - Brian

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    NFPA has made all of their standards available on-line (with or without NFPA membership). You can view the standard(s) but you cannot print, download, or "cut & paste" the language.

    Here is how it works:

    Go to:http://www.nfpa.org/aboutthecodes/li..._standards.asp
    Select the document you want to review. Scroll down to the heading "Additional information about this document" and click on the link "Preview this document".
    Click on "I agree".
    The opinions stated herein are those of the author and in no way shape or form reflect the opinions of any organization(s) that I am in any way affiliated with unless otherwise indicated.

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