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    Default new officer training

    i'm in a small volly dept and we don't get many house fires does anyone know where to get any scene size up or any other traning for my new officers.

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    Burn down your city ...............in reality, do it in a mental fashion. Look at the buildings in your district, imagine a fire or possible other emergency at that location. Then proceed to work that emergency through in your head. Talk it out or whatever, figure out where you'd put resources, how you'd mitigate the problem and what it would take to get it done. I try to do it as I drive around my community, or do it when I'm bored. I pick an address and then work ith through..even though I may never have to do it in a command function, as a Line FF we should all do our own sizeup. From a doublewide doghouse to a highrise, it's a good habit to do. It will get you to learn your district better, and the resources you have on hand, or mutual aid.


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    Default Training for size-up

    Table top is old and most schools do just that. The idea, as simple as it sounds is to set up a training program around the ICS. You then take the personnel that you want to train through your district. You are the modarator of the class, you tell the driver to take you to a address, the person that you assign as the officer is given the infortmation. You lead the program by giving the amount of information, i.e. time of day, day of week, season, whats on fire, a kitchen?, a bedroom? you can change it around to fit your needs. Upon arrival the size up is given and you can go further with a total walk around. After each size problem is done, stop and go over it, the strong points, the weak points. After a while you may be suprised tha your people will be just out driving to the store of the cleaners and will start going over the size up in there heads. REMEMBER THAT A SIZE UP "LETS THE SECRET OUT OF THE BAG", Don't let you incoming companies be suprised when they get there. Give them the information that they need to get into action quickly. Don't be sold on the idea that only the big guys know everything, you set up your training program and build upon it. it's amazing how it will grow.

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    It will not tell you how to do a size-up, but it will help you practice them.

    Go to www.firesimulator.com/main.htm

    There you will find FREE downloadable sofware which allows you to add smoke, fire, etc. to digital photos of buildings in your area. This will allow your members to practice the size ups.

    Dont forget your MVC size ups. If you get your people to size up on even the simplest accident, when the fire hits, they will be used to doing it.

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