I have only a couple fires to show for in the past month, but I'm still around.

First a 10-75 in E-81/TL-46's 1st due area. Not many photos as companies made very quick work of this fire.

Date: 02/20/06
Time: 19:35 hours
Box # 3500
Address: 2579 Sedgwick Ave X E 197th Street
Fire on the 4th Floor of a 5 Story Brick OMD 100x150

02/20/06 - 10-75 Photos

The second job was a 10-75 in Co-Op City tonight.

Date: 02/23/06
Time: 18:47 hours
Box #: 4482
Address: 120 Casals Place X Carver Loop
Fire on the 7th Floor of a 23 Story Class I OMD 170x290

02/23/06 - 10-75 Photos