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    Default Looking for Info - Light Rescue Class for the Public

    I am in the process of developing a Citizens Fire Academy for my department. We are in a tornado belt and one of the areas the class will cover is post-tornado light structural rescue until we arrive. If anyone has any class materials or powerpoints in this area, or drill ideas, I would appreciatte the assitance.

    I can be reached at FireSafetyAssoc@aol.com with questions or you can e-mail the stuff to that addy.


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    Los Angeles Fd Has A Cert Training Site With Powerpoints For The Whole Program Incuding Light Rescue, It's A Good Place To Start. :d

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    Default NZ USAR awareness (CAT-1A)

    Hi There

    Just saw your post on firehouse.com

    I developed a national USAR awareness package for use in New Zealand when I was with the NZ Fire Service/Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (equiv to FEMA). ALthough I can not give the trainers package that has all the slides, you can contact chris.schraders@dia.govt.nz to see if they will release the package (on CD) to you.

    However, the student notes, workbook, feild ops guide is on the web (Noting we use the UN marking systems, not those developed by FEMA).


    Hope this helps

    Steve Glassey
    Chief Executive

    Emergency Management Academy of New Zealand
    Second Floor
    Grand Building
    47 The Square
    PO Box 1451
    Palmerston North

    Free Phone 0800 4EMANZ
    Free Phone 0800 436269
    Corporate Office (NZ) 06 353-1469
    Corporate Office (Intl) +64 6 353-1469
    Fax 06 3531462
    Mobile 027 6346347
    Pager 086 507272


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