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    Quote Originally Posted by fireman109 View Post
    Is the 2nd station going to be on the north side of the city? How many guys are they going to let you all get? We have had a few problems with our new E-one, but never has just quit on us. It would be nice to get rigs local so if you had problems it wouldn't be that far to go. We ordered ours through a company in damascus but they went out of business the next year.
    The new station will be in the north, near the railroad overpass on Maumelle Blvd. The current station will remain as #2 until land and funding can be secured for a new station further south. Hopefully that won't take too long as I would think the land the current station sits on is valuable enough to help fund construction.

    We currently have 17 career members with one more budgeted for next year. That will give us 18 -- enough for six per shift so we can prepare to run two companies each shift. We're also supposed to add new captains and engineers positions to prepare for two companies. Of course, our SAFER Act application asked for three... but we're not having the same luck with SAFER as we are with the FIRE Act.

    If you wanna buy another E-One, I know where you can buy one cheap.

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    Arrow As Seen On FireMail...

    Maumelle Fire Department / Rescue–Pumper for Sale

    The City of Maumelle, Fire Department has a 1994 E-One Hush Rescue-Pumper for sale. The vehicle is currently available and will be sold to the highest bidder. The City reserves the right to reject bids considered unacceptable.

    The unit is available for inspection at the fire station, 100 Millwood Circle, Maumelle. Inquiries should be directed to Chief George Glenn, 501-851-1337, extension 119.

    Bids will be received until 4:00 pm, February 29, 2008. All bids should be sent to Mr. Joshua Clausen, City Clerk at the Maumelle City Hall, 550 Edgewood Drive, Maumelle, AR. 72113.

    The vehicle’s major operating systems are fully functional. The pumper is a custom cab chassis with seating for eight (8) and a twenty inch raised roof in the seating area. The body has full height compartments on both sides with ground ladders stowed on a hydraulic rack on the right side.

    General Vehicle Specifications:

    * Mileage: 47,483
    * 245 inch wheelbase; approximately 37 ft. total length
    * Detroit Diesel and Allison Automatic Transmission
    * Air brakes
    * Jacobs Engine Brake
    * SCBA capable seats for seven (7)
    * 1500 gpm Hale Pump, single stage
    * 1000 gallon poly booster tank
    * 25 gallon foam tank
    * 95 gpm inline foam eductor (preconnect #1)
    * Electronic pressure governor
    * 2.5” suction side relief valve
    * Tank level gauges (foam and water)
    * Deck Gun with ground base, stream shaper and stacked tips
    * Booster Reel
    * 4 – 2.5” Discharges with elbows
    * 3 – 1.5” preconnects (capacity for 200 ft. of 1.75” each)
    * 2.5” intake at rear of apparatus
    * One hosebed divider (total capacity: 800 ft. of 5” and 600 ft. of 2.5”)
    * Ladder rack with 35 ft., 28 ft., 14 ft. roof and 10 ft. folding ladder
    * PTO driven hydraulic generator, 6 Kw
    * Two telescoping, 1500 watt floodlights
    * Two electric cord reels
    * 12 volt scene lights left/right side of cab
    * Tomar strobe light package, halogen side and rear lighting, 100 watt electronic siren, air horns
    * Air conditioning – cab
    * Color: White over Red, body has reflective striping

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