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    Any news on when its coming????
    And Brian, I read in another post you said the AFG were going to count "On Loan" Trucks this year? Like Forestry Trucks. Is that correct?..

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    Yep. They changed it because people were not counting trucks owned by their county, a relief association and things like that. In those cases, the trucks existed solely for the purpose of providing protection for the area the department served. In contrast, foresty trucks could get called up to go anywhere and may not come back.

    I don't see it having any real effect. If it comes down to a department that was able to get a forestry loaned truck and one that wasn't, then I have to agree that the one without should get it. And in the grand scheme of things, the trucks would have to be mentioned in the narrative, and it's more evidence of a lack of an NFPA compliant truck since the military surplus trucks aren't. And since most of those are over 30 years old, they fit the age priority for replacement.

    - Brian

    Oh, and no sign of the PG. No word about when it's supposed to come out either. Kinda hard to reference the document DHS tells us to when it doesn't exist. These things happen. The PPT slide and the FAQs on the web site take care of the differences from 2005, so not like it's really necessary to do the application.

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