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    I have been looking for a school that can certify me to become a fire inspector. I live in NC but don't really care where I end up. Does anyone know how long it takes to get certified to the point were you could actually get a job? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Talk to the insurance companies. They need a lot of arson investigators and they should know where you can get certified. There might be a good bit of competition for the job though. Good luck. The class is hard.

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    In Montgomery county (Md) there is a college that offers an arson investigation certificate. I am close friends with the person in charge of the program. She is always willing to help anyone who wants training!

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    Are you interested in being a fire INSPECTOR or a fire INVESTIGATOR? There's a world of difference.

    NFPA offers inspector certification for about $300 last I checked, which was about three years ago. States may have their own certification standards, but usually accept NFPA by reciprocity.

    Can't help you in the investigator department.

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    I'm looking to become an inspector, building code ect... I'll look into the NFPA course. Thanks for all the help.

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