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    I have been looking for a school that can certify me to become a fire inspector. I live in NC but don't really care where I end up. Does anyone know how long it takes to get certified to the point were you could actually get a job? Any help would be appreciated.

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    First, start with your local and state agencies. Secondly, find the minimum requirements for the positions, then exceed them. Good luck...

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    You can obtain certification for Fire Inspector I and II, as well as Fire Plans Examiner through the International Code Council, the agency which publishes the International Building Codes, and oversees certification of building inspectors/code enforcement inspectors. IFSAC gives a reciprocal certification for FI I and FI II.

    FI I is pretty easy to get without any formal classes. You need a copy of IFSTA's 6th edition of "Fire Inspections and Code Enforcement", a copy of the International Fire Code, and a copy of the International Building Code. It's about 150 bucks in books, and the cost of taking the exam.

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    I just finished FI 1 at Cleveland Community College. Not a difficult class, although it was 8-6 Saturday and Sunday for 2 weeks. Here's how I understand it:

    Entry level, you need to take the Level I Fire Inspector course. You also need to take a course in Law and Administration to sit for the state test.

    Once you pass the state test, Raleigh may issue you a provisional Level I license. This is good for 2 years. I'm not sure the details surrounding getting a full blown Level I.

    If you have a 2 year degree in Fire Science / Fire Protection / Fire Engineering you can go straight into a Level II provisional license.

    If you have a 4 year, you can get a Level III provisional.

    Contact the NC Dept of Insurance / State Fire Marshalls Office to get a copy of the NC Fire Prevention Code. It costs $45 with the updates (called the blue pages), but be aware that a 2006 edition comes out in January '07. I would strongly recommend ordering this book at least 2 weeks before the class starts, as it takes Raleigh some time to ship code books.

    You will also need to contact the UNC School of Government's Publications department to purchase a book called "Legal Aspects of Building Code Enforcement in North Carolina". It's about $14. You will need this for your Law & Admin course.

    The courses are intense. It would be advisable to be familiar with the layout of the code book before the course starts.

    Best of luck.

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    Default Corrections

    Hey guys to clarify some info. After taking the NC Fire Prevention 1 and Law and Admin class you can apply to the Code council for your Level 1 probationary certificate. You must have this probationary cert. for 6 months before sitting for the state exam. Then you can take the Level 1 state exam. This exam is very difficult, it really doesnt test what you know but rather where to find it and interpret in the book. After passing the state level 1 they will issue your standard cert for level 1. After recieving this you can apply for the Level 2 probationary cert. Hope this helps. I just transferred from the engine into a fire inspector job in june so i am up on the process. If you would like you can contact me offline for further questions my email is jboggshfd@charter.net.


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