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    Default Calling the Mayday

    There was a webcast in February of 2005 by Dr. Burton A. Clark, EFO, CFO titled "Calling the Mayday." I was wanting to use this presentation at one of our training sessions but it says that it is no longer available. Does anyone know how I can access this? Or does anyone have a similar presentation that I might be able to use? I need it by Thursday night (nothing like waiting until the last minute huh)

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    Default May Day Course

    I have a May Day course I took on-line. If it will help you I will email it to you.

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    That would be outstanding! Can send to not2l84u2@charter.net

    Thanks again,


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    I attended an excellent class through www.firstduetraining.com on MAYDAY Communications. The instructor was also at FDIC 2006 in Indianapolis. Maybe reach out to them for some info.

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