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    I am new to the forum and this maybe a very broad question. How do you start a grant writing process? Is there a site that I could check to see available grants? Are there specific steps to applying for grants? Thanks for any help

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    Check this thread out. A lot of good information has been passed around here.

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    Welcome to the world of grant writing.

    One of the most important steps is to familiarize yourself with the program guidance or literature for the grant you want to apply for. These documents will spell out what is required (steps to follow) to submit a successful grant. If you deviate or submit an incomplete grant you are doomed.

    If you are working on the AFG programs, I highly suggest you attend a workshop in your area to learn about the process. These workshops will not teach you how to write the grant, but the steps to be followed in completing the grant requirements.

    If you go to Brian's website ( you will find sample narratives from the AFG.

    If you go to Kurt's website ( you will find a listing of open grants.

    Good luck.

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    DFD, to echo onebugle's message, welcome to the Forums.

    There are plenty of resources around. I've also got 3 articles in the MemberZone section that are the basics to get started with AFG or any grant program. Also there is a resource in CO that you can hook up with to provide some insight and assistance. Shoot me an email or follow the links on my site (

    Good luck, and don't wait to get started. The AFG application period is soon to be upon us.

    - Brian
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    Westlake VFD - Houston, TX
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    What they said... plus...

    Read and read and read some more.. Read as many post on this forum as possible.. There are TONS of post here that would help anyone out.

    I was new last year.. never even heard of FEMA GRANT.. . With the help of this forum and some advice from some pple here, our dept was awarded First Round last year..
    Oh yea.. did I mention to read ?...

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    Zoom is right. And never sleep. Or go bowling. Eating dinner is alright as long as you do so while reading every bloody post in this forum. Read here, Kurt's site (ktb something), Brian's site (BC79 something). Go to an AFG workshop. Go to a few non-fire grantwriting seminars.

    A little known person once said "Investing time wisely will keep you from wasting time foolishly."

    While you are reading, write. Make a note of every positive or negative thing regarding what you think you want funded. Make those notes fit at least one of four topics:
    Project description
    Financial need
    Operational outcomes

    Best wishes.

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    One of the hardest things to teach someone is how to write. So, I suggest to starting out, brand new grant writers is to just practice writing. If you want to learn how to play basketball, you have to practice basketball - shooting, dribbling, etc. Every day. Same here.

    You need to write even mundane things down. The art of writing is rapidly becoming lost, and I have found alot of us, if we don't utilize it, will (or have!) lost it. So, to gain those writing skills from long lost English essays and classes, start by taking something simple, a topic you are already familiar with, and just writing about it. If you're not that great at typing, then do it by hand, but practice, practice, practice.

    Then, the next day, start answering a few pertinent questions to this grant. Such as:

    -How will this equipment enhance operations in our community?
    -How will my Fire Department utilize this equipment/apparatus to maximize our potential?
    -What target hazards are in our district that our FD doesn't have the tools available to fully respond in the event of an emergency?
    -What are the target hazards in my district?

    If you can write a small paragraph about the above questions (practice doing it several times), then you have the general basis of an INFORMAL Risk Assessment, AND you are starting to build up your skills in the writing arena. Just like basketball or anything else, practice makes perfect (or much closer to it!)...
    Alana Tomlin Denton
    Freelance Grant Writer/Consultant

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