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    Anyone know of any grants that can be used to help a small rural fire department to build a new station, or to nearly completely remodel the old one? The safety of our old station is poor and we really need a new station but cannot afford to pay for one right now......we have started fund raising. If you know of any thing please let me know!!!
    D. Hager

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    US HUD Rural Development Block Grants & Loans is about the only source of funding for rural buildings. Contact your local HUD office for more information:

    They should be able to give you an answer for the qualifications and whatnot. The State Forestry Service sometimes has funding available, but since it's geared towards wildland risks and the amounts aren't that high to begin with, I don't think there's much there. But it's always better to ask and be told no than to not ask and be left wondering.

    - Brian

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    BC79er is correct, there are only a few grants available that are geared towards new stations or station improvements for fire departments.

    Here are a couple more ideas that may help.....

    1) Check with your local state representatives and/or state senators. Some states have programs available for community improvement projects. Illinois had a program called "Illinois First" about five years ago. This program allowed different agencies (cities, villages, fire departments, police departments, etc...) to request funds for various community projects. Fire departments around us gobbled up this money for various things such as: Stations, Fire Trucks, Equipment, etc.....Also, if you are adding a training tower/facility let your rep's know this because there is a great cost/benefit if this will positively impact an entire county or region.

    ***As a side note to all Illinois FF's, our current governor but a hold on these funds a few years ago and some agencies that didn't spend their funds in time are currently in a holding pattern for monies to be released.***

    This was a great program, but govt. graft superceded our needs.

    2) Check with county or city officials. One county near us has a program specifically for local fire departments to request up to $10,000/per year for various projects. This may not fund the station, but it may pay for part of the land.

    Pitch the idea of a multi-use facility to your village or town (if you don't mind sharing space). They may be in need of a new city hall, township building, police station, etc. and may be willing to cover most of the costs.

    3) Check with local and/or regional businesses. Many businesses like good P.R. and may be interested in jumping on project like this. My theory is "you can't receive anything, if you don't ask for anything". Have a detailed project in hand when you meet with these folks along with a budget and let them know how they can help. You may be suprised at what you find.

    Good luck and let me know if you need any further info!


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    Best source of funding is USDA Rural Development (grants and loans). Grant portion is based on income stats. Their loans are not necessarily a great deal (vs an "essential community service" from a commercial bank).

    Search in this forum on USDA. Have been thru several times.

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