I have dropped this into a couple of different forums so if you read it more that once sorry. My department is a paid-on-call department that handles both fire and EMS calls. We have approx 40 members and operate in a rural/suburban interface area with a population of approx. 7000 spread over 21 square miles. We respond to approx. 400-500 calls a year, which are dispatched by a neighboring PD via pager call (radio & alpha). We respond either to the station or to the scene depending on our location. We are permitted lights and sirens in our POVs (in accordance with Ohio state laws). I am looking for SOPs regarding vehicular operation (both Apparatus and POV). I am also looking for SOPs regarding carrying and handling of concealed weapons, both by personnel and those which might be legally carried by a patient (Ohio does issue CCW permits to residents). Any assistance or examples of relevant SOPs would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me at: mpd643@hotmail.com.

Thanks in advance,
C. Johnson