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    Question SOPs on Vehicle Operations & Concealed Weapons

    I have dropped this into a couple of different forums so if you read it more that once sorry. My department is a paid-on-call department that handles both fire and EMS calls. We have approx 40 members and operate in a rural/suburban interface area with a population of approx. 7000 spread over 21 square miles. We respond to approx. 400-500 calls a year, which are dispatched by a neighboring PD via pager call (radio & alpha). We respond either to the station or to the scene depending on our location. We are permitted lights and sirens in our POVs (in accordance with Ohio state laws). I am looking for SOPs regarding vehicular operation (both Apparatus and POV). I am also looking for SOPs regarding carrying and handling of concealed weapons, both by personnel and those which might be legally carried by a patient (Ohio does issue CCW permits to residents). Any assistance or examples of relevant SOPs would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me at: mpd643@hotmail.com.

    Thanks in advance,
    C. Johnson

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    VFIS has an excellent DVD on use of lights on POV, as well as suggested SOP's. And, it is free to those insured by them.
    As for guns, we have several members who carry, because we have been shot at in the past. In rural AZ, everyone has guns, we don't get excited about them. We just give them to a responsible adult (with the concurrance of the owner), or call the SO to take them.

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