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    Default Need help with pager tones

    I've had a Vertex VX-180v for several years and moved to a new area a couple years back. I initally wasn't allowed to transmit on it so I used it as a 16 channel pager (oddly enough the cost of a normal pager is very similar to what I payed for my portable, go figure). Well anyways it worked fine like that. Though I do remember me and the store I bought it from had some issues on getting the blasted thing to accept my new department's alert tones. So recently I am now able to transmit with it and I took it in for him to add the PL codes so that I can properly use this thing like it's meant to be used. Well he once again had issues with the pager tones and now it's not alerting at all.

    The tones I was told were my stations are:
    on Freq 1 (153.86)

    The guy at the store I got the radio from can't find those two frequencies on the list of tones. I looked at the list online and the closest thing to them is 426.6 and 977.6(or 2, can't remember off hand). So....need a hand here. He's trying to see if he can recover the old data that he put into my radio a few years ago, but he's since changed computers and it's highly unlikely that he'll be able to. Just in case it helps I'm with Station 3 (Shepherdstown) in Jefferson County WV.

    Many thanks for any help.
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    Try here for info.

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    426.6 and 977.6 will work just fine if he can program those tones in for you. As long as the tones are within about 1% there will be no problem.

    Those do seem to be rather oddball tones though...they don't fall in the Motorola, GE, or Plectron tone tables. If you're not sure those are the correct tones, you can always record the tones on your PC through the sound card during a pager test and then use a program that does spectrum analysis to see what the tones are. I use SoundForge, but I'm sure there are free programs out there that do the same thing.


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    Yep. That will work just fine.
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