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    Default I am Getting to De-sensitized....

    I and the wife were at the movies tonight, about 30 minutes into the movie the family down the row to our right got up and left. I started to smell something, just a little faint smell, not really anything that really made me wonder. It was pretty familiar. About 20 minutes later I realized, "Hey, I think I smell puke!", look over to where the family was sitting and sure enough, their kid had thrown up in the theatre and thats why they left. I thought "Jerks, could have at least tell someone to clean it up" and went back to watching the movie. Didn't think a lot of the fact that there was puke and that it stunk. I smell this stuff all the time and I guess I was just used to it. About 5 minutes later I thought "Wait a minute, It is puke and I am not at work, why am I putting up with it?" got up and told a manager who came and cleaned it up. The wife was wondering what the smell was but had no idea, she was glad I got rid of it.

    I just find it weird that it took me so long to really register that there is puke on the floor, and it took so long for me to really be grossed out by it.

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    Default ralph

    Was at the MGM Grand to see Cher and one of the guys behind us puked his dinner and all that management was going to do was cover it with a cloth until all of us complained about the smell and the price of the tickets we paid which quickly prompted them to clean it and deodorize it.

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