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    Default Eq2b

    What does the Eq2b sound like compared to a q2b?
    Are there any advantages or disadvantages?
    Can you still get the wined up sound or does it just produce the high volume sound of a q2b at its peak?
    Looking at putting a EQ2b on a new engine that doesn't have the electrical capabilitys for a Q2b.
    Any input would be helpful Thanks

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    Default Close but not the same!

    We put an eq2b on our Excursion that we run as a rescue. As far as sound goes it is really close but not the same as the real thing. In my opinion it is louder than your normal "ambulance siren", but that could be contributed to the eq2b requiring a 200 watt speaker compared to a 100 watt speaker. In my opinion we made an excellent choice on the siren, it was a little more expensive but we don't have to worry about the power drain of the q2b.

    There is a manual button that allows you to "wind up" the siren just like the Q2B, if I remember correctly, you can even purchase a foot pedal for the EQ2B. Also the siren winds down just like the Q2B, there is also a siren brake button on the siren. There is a "yelp" mode, and an electronic "air horn", and you can also place the q2b on auto which winds up and down as it says, automatically.

    My department thinks that overall it is a good deal if you can handle the sound difference.


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    One of our new rescues came with one. To me, it sounds OK from a distance but the closer it gets the more it sounds like a dying cat. I don't think that it can be compared to the Q.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cfdeng3
    One of our new rescues came with one. To me, it sounds OK from a distance but the closer it gets the more it sounds like a dying cat. I don't think that it can be compared to the Q.
    I agree. When you start one up it sounds like nothing I have heard before. All of the ambulances in my FD have them. For an actual fire rig, I would still recommend the original Q. I will admit that those EQ's are pretty loud and distinctive.

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    Do a search...this has been discussed in depth several times.

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    The FD next too mine has started putting them on everything so Ive had a chance to hear them quite a bit. Is it loud? Yes. As loud as a regular Q? No.

    It doesnt have the "piercing effect" of the original. It just sounds like a very loud electronic siren. I dont think its any louder then the dual electronic from Carson. If I had the choice I would go with the Carson.

    I guess it would be OK for a small rig that doesnt have the space or cant handle the amp draw of the regular. But if you have the juice and room, go with the original.

    Check out the Carson, its fantstic!
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