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    Default help with ems PPE

    Anyone who would like to help me i would be more than greatful. looking for some tips on writing a narritive for ems PPE for this years grant.. I know the fire stuff but ems is all new to me... anyone looking for help with fire PPE, SCBA's And thermal imaging camera i can help you...just email me at firemanslady@firehousemail.com... thanks all and brian it's been a long time hope to hear some of your great advice..

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    Nothing like putting a little pressure on a guy.

    EMS PPE basically serves the same purpose as FFing PPE, with the exception of not needing the thermal capabilities. BSI protection, as well as protection from cuts and compression injuries is important since the EMS personnel will be responding to wrecks and the like. BSI is the main goal since EMS personnel will be crawling in and around the body fluids more than FFs do on average.

    Honestly, that's about it. PPE regardless of the job of the person wearing it serves a pretty basic purpose. The biggest hurdle you face you can't control, which is that EMS agencies are limited to 2% of the overall fundings, and EMS projects for FDs are guaranteed 1.5% minimum, but don't look for it to be any higher. It hasn't happened yet.

    I have more advice coming, it will just be in a different form and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

    Good luck - Brian

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