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    I am wondering if anyone has had luck with requesting funding for computer-based training modules to be instructor-led and leading to state and national certifications. I am a member of a small department with a lot of relatively inexperienced firefighters and a small enough call volume that it is difficult to maintain sharp skills without intensive training. The problem is that a lot of our members are too inexperienced to lead training and with small volunteer numbers it is hard to run good drills. We did a needs assessment and felt that our two biggest needs are better training and a vehicle filtration exhaust sytem. I am deciding if I should write for just the exhaust system, or to add training also. I don't want to make my request too broad or ask for something that would detract from the original intent. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Self training is one of the lowest priorities in the training category, and those that have had awards were usually including those projects were piggybacking other higher priority items. In other words, they got lucky.

    Vehicle exhaust systems have the number of hours per day staffed as the priority. So 24/7 staffing will beat out anything else in computer scoring, but that can be overcome with a great narrative. That's how so many volunteer departments with no 24 hour staffing are getting these systems and career departments are not.

    Either way, just pick one of the projects. They're too far apart in purpose to make the same application competitive.

    Good luck - Brian

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