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    Default Ocean Rescue Boats/Certifications

    We are trying to start a new Ocean Rescue team with a team of certified rescue divers. What certifications do other teams have and what requirements are needed to operate a rescue boat. We are looking at a 14' beach launched inflatable. Any comments and help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Ocean Rescue and Dive Rescue certification


    Indian River County (FL) Fire Rescue utilizes a 4 meter Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat for surf rescue, a 25' Boston Whaler for ocean rescue and divers trained by Dive Rescue International for underwater rescue & and recovery.

    Training for surf rescue and RHIB operations is conducted by Marine Rescue Consultants ... http://www.marinerescue.com

    Training for the dive team is conducted by Dive Rescue International ... http://www.diverescueintl.com

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the following address.

    Lt. Blades Robinson, Marine Rescue FTO
    Fire Station No. 2
    3301 Bridge Plaza Drive
    Vero Beach, FL 32963

    LAT 27°39.133'
    LON 080°22.261'
    ICW Marker 140

    wrobinson at ircgov.com

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    Although my deptment provides water ops on inland waterways:

    My department utilizes Lifeguard systems for our public safety dive training, they also provide other types of water ops training including small boat handling, Ocean rescue/recovery diving, and surf rescue to name a few. Their web site is www.teamlgs.com.

    please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

    dist1.9118@yahoo.com - e-mail
    www.station56.org - dept web site

    Kevin McKenna

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    We use Lifeguard Systems for all of our water related training. Great group of guys and very knowledgeable. As far as the boat, sounds like you guys have the same set up as us for rescues of the beach (14’ inflatable boat). All that we require for operations of this boat is the attendance of a 4 hour in house training course on the use of the vessel and clearance from the training officer (Ocean rescue and surf rescue training are required also). As far as boat operations in the river and bays, that’s a different story….

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